Furnished Apartment Rental in Mississauga

There are many reasons that you may be choosing a furnished apartment rental in Mississauga. Sometimes our guests have unexpected situations that forces them to make a lifestyle change. Sometimes it’s a personal reason like a flood or a fire in your home. Our professional team at Whitehall Suites wants to be there for you and your furnished housing needs so you can focus on getting things back in order.

When you leave your home it does not have to mean sacrificing the comforts that you enjoy on an everyday basis. Whitehall Suites offers luxury furnished apartment rentals in Mississauga that will have you feeling like you never left home. And we take pride in it!

Whitehall Suites is here to help you with a luxury suite for whatever length of time you need. You will find comfort in your furnished apartment rental in Mississauga while you work through the unexpected situation that has arisen in your life.

The last thing you want to think about when you have to relocate suddenly is your housing. Whitehall Suites offers fully furnished apartments that are completely equipped with anything you might need for your extended stay. Your furnished apartment rental in Mississauga is well appointed, spacious and will have everything you need.

We will provide you with a fully equipped kitchen that includes a refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, oven and the typical appliances you have at home. Your kitchen will be fully stocked with all of the kitchen necessities. This means, everything you need to make a delicious meal such as pots, pans and all kitchen housewares and plates, are there for you. We also offer High speed WIFI, flat screen TVs, and cable.

The linens and bedding are also of the highest of quality. You will be able to sleep in a peaceful quiet environment. There is also an en-suite washer dryer in your furnished unit so you have the comforts of your home when doing your laundry.

We have many locations to choose from in the downtown Mississauga area, so you can decide which furnished apartment rental in Mississauga works best for you. Each luxury building offers all of the finest amenities. You will have access to a fully equipped fitness center and an indoor swimming pool. You will also be provided an underground parking spot.

Our luxury furnished units are conveniently located near essential services like convenience stores, walk in clinics, restaurants, coffee shops, parks, bus stations and more importantly they are within walking distance of the famous Square One Mall in Mississauga. Be assured there is a twenty four security system in all our buildings located in Mississauga. The bus terminals are located just in front of the buildings. The Go-bus station also located at the Square One Mall.

Each of our luxury buildings offer a professional staff to answer any questions you may have once you move in. There will be access to community BBQ grills, as well as children's play areas. Whitehall Suites only offers a furnished apartment rental in Mississauga that fits the high standards of our clients.

Sometimes life’s obstacles change our course and temporarily create problems. You can rest assured that your furnished apartment rental in Mississauga does not have to be one of them. Working with Whitehall Suites will guarantee that. Please reach out to Whitehall Suites so they can answer any further questions. We can be reached at (905)-274-0101. Please come and stay with us. We will do everything to ensure that you enjoy your stay with us is a peaceful one!