Privacy Statement

At Whitehall Suites Incorporated we understand and recognize our responsibility towards your personal information. Whitehall Suites will protect your personal information which includes your name, email, credit card information, telephone number, cell phone number, identification documents or any other related documents related to your privacy. At Whitehall Suites Incorporate, we provide training to our staff to protect your personal information. The personal information we collect is for our own business purpose. No information would be disclosed to a third party unless required by the law.

1. By providing information on this website, you agree to this privacy policy. If you have any complaints, please send an email to the President- Whitehall Suites Incorporated at or call us at 905-274-0101

2. Complaints:To lodge a complaint about any misuse of this privacy policy, please send an email to the President at or call 905-274-0101

3. This privacy policy is updated from time to time and last updated on 6th February 2013.